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Affilotheme is a premium wordpress plugin that can help you to increase your sells but it can't help you get more traffic or teach you how to build a list. That's why my Bonuses are about how to make a list and how to get traffic then the equation well be like that :

Traffic+List+AffiloTheme=Successful website 
It's a special Bonus package from me if you buy with my link, this bonus worth more than AffilioTheme itself.

AffilioTheme BONUS #1

The most successful marketers on the planet all agree that the POWER is in the subscriber list. The faster you get your list growing exponentially the faster you'll be making REAL solid money on a consistent basis.

What you need is a little MO JO baby! In this ebook you will learn 100 different techniques to increase your optin rate. By using these techniques you're destined to grow your subscriber list.

AffilioTheme BONUS #2

Traffic doesn't have to be such a drag. There are lots of quick and easy techniques that you can do to drive visitors to your websites. The Five Minute Traffic Trick is a cool report to guide you along the way.

Learn how to get instant traffic and instant high PR links to your squid lenses and hub pages. You'll discover what these tricks are and how to ranked well in Google. 

AffilioTheme BONUS #3

List building is an exact science, there is no "luck" involved. Established marketers can put systems in place that gather hundreds of new subscribers per day on auto pilot. The key is having a system and knowing EXACTLY what to do.

This report will help you gain the wisdom to build lists and establish trust with your subscribers. You'll also learn how to utilize your list and make money with it. You'll learn what not to do and what to do when your building your list of subscribers.

AffilioTheme BONUS #4

Having a magnetic funnel is where it all begins however once you've got subscribers pouring in you'd better know what to do with them! That's exactly where "List Management Secrets" steps in to help.

You'll earn how to manage your list the right way. You'll learn how to earn the trust of your subscribers and how to add your personal touch to everything you do. Understanding the difference and importance of "quality over quantity" is important, this ebook covers this and more.

 AffilioTheme BONUS #5

Constant leads is a concise 20 page report that covers a few critical points that will ensure the optins keep coming in.

Inside the Constant Leads report you are going to learn how to leverage joint ventures as a source of leads. You will also shed your fear of paid advertising for the sake of list building. You are going to finally understand the power of Good Will as it relates to attracting fresh hungry leads into your funnels.

 AffilioTheme BONUS #6

Here you'll learn how to generate traffic using free methods. You'll also learn about search engine optimization and why it's important to use it.
That's not all. You'll also learn how to drive low cost traffic to your site and how to make that traffic laser targeted traffic. Want to learn how to get the most out of the traffic? You'll learn how here.

The TOP 5 ways to generate FREE or low cost traffic as well as viral traffic strategies are outlined in TRAFFIC OVERDRIVE!

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 Remember, this bonus is for a very limited time only, don't hang about! Once I have verified your purchase, we will reply to your email with everything you need